Looking for a Domestic Violence Lawyer?

Domestic Violence in the Spotlight Again

Fortunately, for many families, domestic and family violence is receiving the spotlight it deserves in the hope that, with awareness, children and adults will be more safe in their own homes. Safe from violence and abuse. Safe from emotional abuse, verbal abuse, financial abuse and physical abuse. Safe from stalking and harassment. Safe from social abuse, sexual abuse and spiritual abuse.

Armstrong Kutz Lawyers are committed to assisting anyone who suffers violent, abusive behaviour and threats. We understand the importance of people evaluating whether their relationships are safe and respectful. Irrespective of the length of the relationship, MaryAnn and Jeff assist clients to navigate through the legal process.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic and family violence is a pattern of behaviour. It includes violence or other abusive behaviour by one person against another person or persons in a domestic setting. Domestic violence and behaviour that is emotionally abusive is used as a method of control through fear. This behaviour can also be threats made by one person against another person or persons.

Examples of Abuse.

Examples of abuse includes, but is not limited to:

  • verbal abuse, such as swearing at you, yelling and shouting
  • emotional abuse, such as criticising your parenting skills, your personality or your looks
  • financial abuse, such as not providing enough money for survival or forcing a person to give up their own financial resources
  • social abuse, such as isolation from family and friends and prevention of socialising with those who care
  • harassment and stalking, such as constant texts, phone calls and following, cyber-stalking or tracking through GPS or social media
  • sexual abuse
  • deprivation of the necessities of life
  • physical abuse, such as pushing, slapping or hitting
  • damaging property, so as to cause fear.

Examples of Threats

Examples of threats include, but are not limited to, threats to:

  • harm you and/or your children, as well as your relatives, friends, colleagues or pets
  • prevent freedom of movement, such as leaving the family home
  • damage personal property, so as to scare and intimidate you
  • cease taking care of you, should you be reliant on such care
  • threaten suicide or self harm in order to intimidate and control you
  • disclose confidential information to others against a your wishes.

If you have suffered, or are currently suffering from domestic violence, please do not hesitate to contact Armstrong Kutz Lawyers. We are here to help you.