What clients say

I have known MaryAnn Armstrong for more than 10 years. MaryAnn left her job as a teacher and trained to be a lawyer so she could fight the sort of injustice to which she had been subjected.

As an investigative reporter, I frequently come into contact with very fragile whistle-blowers and news sources who need empathetic and creative legal advice from someone who understands and recognises the symptoms caused by trauma–related injuries.

MaryAnn has helped to protect children in Family Court cases from abuse; she has helped to achieve freedom for patients from Involuntary Treatment Orders that were inappropriate; she has helped victims of abuse to achieve compensation for their injuries; she has helped clients to protect their assets in Family Court property settlements; she has helped victims of crime to secure financial support; and she has helped parents of abused children to obtain school fee refunds.

Dr Amanda Gearing / Journalist, Author and Broadcaster

Love your new sign, MaryAnn. I am pleased it is swinging in the breeze and not me. Like I was before you helped me out of the mess my life had become and kept me on track to get such a great outcome in my financial settlement. It was an emotional time for me and did not consider that someone I had trusted could be so under handed. I really appreciate your attention to detail, and your level of care for my individual personality.

I am so pleased I was introduced to you after having been taken by another legal firm and left floundering. I really wasn't in any state to deal with any more self serving people in my life. You kept me from sinking back into despair, and helped keep the matrimonial property from being sold by acting so quickly to lodge the caveat. Love your work.

I know you and Jeffrey are my solicitors, but you have done such a fantastic job, I really appreciate you both as friends. Thank you so much. I am so grateful for your advice and guidance. I have a great reassurance now that if I need further legal advice, I know where to go for professional and accurate advice without the hefty price tag of the first legal representative I had (who accomplished nothing).

Gayle Teal

In the past, I have found that lawyers focused on their loyalty to their own business versus loyalty to their clients- they seemed pre occupied with billing hours and impressing the boss. Then, I was recommended to Armstrong Kutz who went out of their way to be helpful and made me the centre of their focus, achieving great things for me. I had been stalled and delayed by the Institution I was fighting until Armstrong Kutz involvement- they brought action and closure.


I can’t express my gratitude to Armstrong Kutz enough. They have restored my very jaded faith in the legal fraternity. Thanks Mary Ann and Jeff, I will return with all my legal work going forward.