Survivors and Victims of Institutional Sexual Abuse

Abuse law claims are often complex and traumatic. At Armstrong Kutz we are passionate about helping our clients tell their stories, confidentially. We put our clients’ interests first, ensure they’re in control, and guide them through each stage of the journey.

Armstrong Kutz Lawyers is a firm dedicated to assisting survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. Each Solicitor works tirelessly to act on your behalf to help you access compensation for the injuries you have suffered. Our team will do all they can to make sure the compensation process is as simple as possible and they will strive to recover any compensation for which you are entitled.

Abuse is a complex area of law, if you think you may have a claim we recommend contacting us so we can advise you on your individual circumstances.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse published the Redress and Civil Litigation Report in 2015. The 659 page report focussed on systemic issues and was informed by an understanding of individual cases. The Royal commission conducted public hearings as well as private sessions.

MaryAnn Armstrong, Principal Solicitor, has attended private sessions to support her clients during the opportunity for them to tell their story of abuse. She has done this to demonstrate her commitment to survivors and their families. Having suffered trauma in her own lifetime, MaryAnn wants her client's to feel as safe as possible during their journey of redress. She want survivors to know that she will do all that she can to support them and that Armstrong Kutz Lawyers takes a survivor focussed approach. She wants her client's to know that she will not abandon them and that they are believed.

Jeffrey Stevenson and MaryAnn have been engaged by survivors throughout Queensland and in Victoria. They have been successful in obtaining refunds of school fees from the institutions at which child sexual abuse has occurred. MaryAnn and Jeff have assisted survivors in organising funding for counselling and psychological care. They have negotiated with institutions for admittances into appropriate health care facilities and have been a voice in obtaining urgent medical assistance for the lifelong physical injuries caused by an abuser. MaryAnn and Jeffrey have organised mediations and have taken instructions to commence litigation.

Due to the nature and impact of child sexual abuse, many survivors of child sexual abuse have not had the opportunity to seek compensation for their injuries. Armstrong Kutz Lawyers holds their hand out to survivors and walks beside them throughout the process of making a claim for redress. They understand that re-traumatisation comes and goes in waves and that by riding these waves together, solicitor and survivor can map an individualised path toward justice.