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Crime Scene Investigation

Criminal Law Services


What we do

Assault Charges

Break & Enter

Child Sexual Offences 

Commonwealth Offences 

Dangerous Dog Cases 

Drug Offences 

Fraud Charges 

Malicious Damages 

Offensive Language

Conduct Protection Orders

Traffic Offences

Domestic Violence Offences

Work Licence Applications

Elder Abuse offences

Public Order Offences

Robbery Offences

Sexual Offences

Stealing/Larceny Offences

Tax Fraud

Charged with a criminal offence

Armstrong Kutz Lawyers will case manage and negotiate your matter on your behalf, and provide strong legal representation for you in court. We understand that the criminal justice system is incredibly stressful and very complex, demanding not only extensive knowledge of relevant laws but also the practical experience of appearing in courts.


Armstrong Kutz Lawyers ensures that our client’s fully understand the charges against you, your rights and the options available to you. We are available to provide advice our client’s at every stage of their matter with the highest possible standard of representation and support.

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Our Criminal Law Services 24/7

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