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Traffic Offences – Demerit points

In Australia, if you commit traffic offences such as speeding offences, seatbelt offences, traffic light offence and other miscellaneous offences, you will have demerit points recorded, which will also be recorded on your traffic history.

Demerit points will be  applied from the date you commit an offence, and these points remain on your license for 3 years. Different traffic offences incur different amounts of points. See the following examples:

  • Failing to stop for a red traffic light or arrow – 3 points – Fine of $400

  • Failing to give way to a pedestrian when turning at an intersection with traffic lights – 3 points – Fine of $400

  • Failing to leave 1m when passing a bicycle in a 60km/h or less speed zone – – 3 points – Fine of $400

  • Driving more than 20km/h, but not more than 30km/h, over the speed limit – 4 points – Fine of $444

  • Driving more than 40km/h over the speed limit – 8 points – Fine of $1,245

If you are an open licence holder that incurs 12 or more demerit points, 

If you are an open licence holder that incurs 12 or more demerit points, you are disqualified from driving for a certain period. You should note that the length of disqualification period depends upon how many points you have been accumulated over and above 12 points.


Clear or Reduce Demerit Points

Once you pay a fine for a traffic offence,  you admit to the offence being your fault and are therefore unable to challenge the demerit points anymore. Because of this reason, you must seek a proper legal advice from Armstrong Kutz Lawyers before you pay the fine.
We will help you clear or reduce your demerit points if you believe that there is a good reason.

Special Hardship Orders

If you are suspended or disqualified as a result of traffic offence, but you still need to drive because you or your family members will be prevented from earning for your living, you may be eligible to apply for a special hardship order. You should lodge an application within 21 days from the start of the suspension with supporting evidence to the local Magistrates Court where you live. There is a fee for lodging your application with the Court. In general, Courts are reluctant to clear or reduce demerit points, hence legal submissions must be well structured and carefully written by professional lawyers to convince a Court.

If you have any concerns in relation to demerit points as a result of  a traffic offence, and you are at risk of losing your driving licence,  please contact us before you pay fine. Armstrong Kutz Lawyers are professional Brisbane lawyers experienced in traffic offence matters. Contact us today for a free initial 15 minutes phone consultation.

Drinking Driving

We understand that  sometimes you make a mistake.  However, whether or not you have an intentionally driven whilst intoxicated,  you may lose your drivers license either temporarily or permanently. This may significantly affect your ability to work. If multiple traffic offences are accumulated, then you may face a prison sentence.

Drink driving is also called  “DUI (Driving Under the Influence)”. Unlike  other minor traffic offences, a drink driving offence is more seriously dealt with under Queensland law. For instance, even if a person is charged with drink driving for the first time, he or she may be given maximum penalty of 9 months imprisonment and/or be liable for 28 penalty units, and also lose your drivers license.

You Must Go To Court If  You Are Charged For Drink Driving  

If you are charged with drink driving, you must make an attendance in the Magistrates Court.  Police officers cannot issue an on-the-spot fine or infringement notice for drink driving offences.

This is why Armstrong Kutz Lawyers are here for you!

Armstrong Kutz’s Brisbane Drink Driving lawyers can advise you on your drink driving matter. We are 24/7  solicitors in Brisbane, and can assist you after hours. Call at any time if you have any concerns in relation to your traffic offences – 0407 237813

Do you know Armstrong Kutz Lawyers provide an initial FREE 15 minutes  phone consultation? Why not call to chat one of our professional Brisbane drink driving solicitors today? Our experienced lawyers will listen to your drink driving issue and carefully assess your legal matter.


As mentioned earlier, traffic offences are seriously treated under Queensland law. If your drivers licence is suspended or cancelled, or you receive a summon to attend a court for a traffic offence charge,  but are unsure of your obligations or the process involved, simply call Armstrong Kutz Lawyers on 0407 237 813. Our lawyers will assist and guide you through the process, and will act on your behalf in regards to courts, departments and other authorities relating to your matter.

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