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Family Law And De facto Law

The breakdown of a relationship can be a stressful time for all those involved. Emotions are raw, and there are many issues to consider, such as property, financial support and if children are involved, who the children spend time with.

If you are going through a separation or contemplating a divorce, the team at Armstrong Kutz Lawyers will assist you through the negotiation process. Consideration will be given to alternate dispute resolution (i.e. mediation, negotiation) where possible, to try and reach common ground between the parties in order to avoid the stress and cost of going to court (litigation). If litigation becomes unavoidable, Armstrong Kutz Lawyers will guide and assist you  through the court  process in the most cost effective manner.


Family & Defacto Law Services


What we do

Divorce/Separation Family and Domestic Violence

Binding Financial Agreements

Court Procedures Advice

De Facto Relationship (including same-sex couple) 


Parenting Order

Property Settlement and Superannuation

Spousal Maintenance

Child Support

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