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Why call Armstrong Kutz Lawyers for Drink Driving Traffic Offences?

Drink Driving Lawyers Brisbane: The Brisbane Lawyers in Drink Driving

We understand that  sometimes you make a mistake.  However, whether or not you have an intention such as drink driving,  you will lose your driving license temporally or permanently. This may significantly affect you ability to work. If multiple traffic offences are accumulated then you may face a prison sentence. Importantly, alcohol significantly affects your driving skills and put yourself or family and friends in danger.


Drink driving is also called  “DUI (Driving Under the Influence)”. Unlike  other minor traffic offences, a drink driving offence is more seriously dealt with under Queensland law. For instance, even if a person is charged with drink driving for the first time, he or she may be given maximum penalty of 9 months imprisonment and/or be liable for 28 penalty units. On top of that you may lose your driving license.



If you are charged for drink driving you have to attend in a Magistrate court because the police cannot issue a fine on the spot or give you an infringement notice for drink driving offences.


This is why Armstrong Kutz Lawyers are here for you!

Armstrong Kutz’s Brisbane Drink Driving lawyers can advise you today on your drink driving matter. We are  24/7  Brisbane solicitors so we can help you now and after hours. Call at any time if you have any concerns in relation to your traffic offences – 0407 237813


Do you know Armstrong Kutz Lawyers provide an initial FREE 15 minutes  phone consultation? Why not call to chat one of our professional Brisbane drink driving solicitors today? Our experienced lawyers will listen to your drink driving issue and carefully assess your legal matter.



As mentioned earlier, traffic offences are seriously treated under Queensland law. If your driving licence is suspended, cancelled or you receive a summon to attend a court for a traffic offence charge,  but you don’t know how to deal with it, simply call Armstrong Kutz Lawyers on 0407 237 813. Our lawyers  will assist  and guide you on how to go through the process and will act on your behalf when it comes to  dealing with courts, departments and other authorities related to your matter.

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